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Bar Staff Terms & Conditions

By signing up and completing the bar staff application process you are agreeing to observe the following terms and conditions at all times. Not abiding by the following rules could result in you losing part or all of your deposit and/or eviction from the festival site.


You agree to the use of your personal data as set out in our Privacy Policy.

Other Terms and Conditions

You also agree to read, understand and abide by the festival’s general Terms and Conditions of Entry.


You must be over the age of 18 to work behind our bars. Do not apply if you’re not going to be over 18 before the festival.

We require you to upload a scan or clear photo of some ID during the application process; either the personal details page on a passport, a driving licence or any photo ID bearing the PASS logo .

UK Employment Legislation

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are legally entitled to volunteer within the UK. It is a criminal offence to take on a role illegally. You could also jeopardise any visa/entry clearance/right or permission to remain requirements if you volunteer in circumstances where you are not permitted to.

We reserve the right to require you to produce documentation to demonstrate that you are legally entitled to volunteer within the UK.


Your Shifts

You are expected to work two (6 to 8 hour) bar shifts in order to reclaim your deposit. We will endeavour to share the shorter shifts out amongst you all. Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose your own shifts but we’ll do our best to make things fair.

There may be options to just work a single shift but you will forfeit some of your deposit if this option is taken. Unless you choose to work a single shift in advance, all shifts must be completed to reclaim your deposit. There will be no partial refund for partially completed shifts (we rely on people working the shifts they’ve agreed to work to ensure we’re properly staffed at all times). If you are unwell during the weekend or for other reasons can not make your shift(s) please contact Daniel on 07850193566 so cover can be arranged.

You will need to be ready to work at the time your shift starts. Please arrive at your specified bar 10 minutes early to get settled. In some circumstances you may be required to move to another bar during your shift.

If you are scheduled to work on the Thursday or Friday please ensure you arrive on site in plenty of time. The site is at it’s busiest on during these times and it can take a long time to get in.

Fit For Work

We’re realistic (it’s a festival after all) but please don’t turn up to your shift unfit for work. Boggle eyes, crank jaw, shaky bones, damp trousers and slurred voice are all indicators that someone is not fit enough for work. If this is you, you’ll be asked to leave and you’ll lose your entire deposit. You’ll also be barred from working at Beat-Herder in future years.

Drinking on the job is forbidden by the BIAB Federation (the governing body in charge of issuing our licence). Opened beer cans or drinks on the side of the bar you’re working at suggest this is happening. Don’t do it!

Smoking behind the bar is also forbidden. Ask your bar manager if you need a quick break.

What To Wear & How To Behave

Please wear some sensible footwear which cover your toes – no sandals please. Other than that we’d like you to dress as flamboyantly as you can (while still being able to function – don’t come as an inflatable sumo wrestler or anything, it’ll piss off your co-workers). Bright colours are a good starting point.

We’ll provide you with an ID badge on a lanyard at the beginning of your shift. This will identify you as an official Beat-Herder Bar Staffer. No one (without exception) is to be allowed behind the bar without an ID badge. No one, without exception, under the age of 18 is permitted behind the bars. Bring your ID to site if you appear under the age of 25 (see below).

Hand cleaning gels and/or hand washing sinks are available on every bar, please make sure you use them.

Smile! As an employee of Beat-Herder you represent everything we are and stand for. Please be nice to people and try to do whatever you can to help them.

Licensing Hours

Beat-Herder is licensed to sell intoxicating liquors between the hours of:

Thursday 12pm – 12am
Friday 12pm – 3am
Saturday 12pm - 3am
Sunday 12am - 12pm (Midnight)

No alcohol is to be served outside these hours without exception. Licensing officers will be present on site throughout the festival so please comply, we don’t want to jeopardise the future of the festival.

Individual bar opening times vary and don’t always coincide with the licensing hours. Some bars stay open beyond these hours to continue to sell soft drinks and tea/coffee etc. Make sure you’re aware of your specific bar hours and ensure the licence is adhered to all times.

Challenge 25

Beat-Herder operates a strict ‘Challenge 25’ policy which must be followed at all times, please follow the procedure detailed below:

Does the customer look under 25? If this is a yes, you must ask for ID. We only accept a passport, driving licence or ID bearing the PASS logo as proof of age. Generally, anyone whose date of birth is after 18/07/2006 (18th July 2006) will be under 18 and you must refuse to serve them alcohol.

Trading Standards require that we keep records of any refusals we make, to demonstrate we are complying with the Challenge 25 policy. A refusal sheet will be kept behind every bar and how and what to do with this will be explained before your shift.

The local Trading Standards team also kindly provide mystery shoppers to roam the site trying to buy booze. Be vigilant, these probably look like normal young people, don’t let them catch you out!

Energy Drinks

Whilst it’s not a legal requirement, Beat-Herder’s policy is to not sell energy drinks to children who appear to be under the age of 16. If in doubt, ask your bar manager.

Responsible Drinking

A couple of years ago at Beat-Herder a gentleman chose to drink an excessive amount of alcohol, then chose to behave inappropriately and his trousers ended up damp. This is not responsible drinking.

In all seriousness though, Beat-Herder has a legal duty of care for every person site and we must promote responsible drinking. If someone is slurring, unsteady on their feet, being aggressive and/or generally looks wasted please do not serve them. You can ask your bar manager for support if necessary.


All bars on site will accept cash. Most bars now have PDQ machines to accept card payments. You will be given training on how to use these at the beginning of your shift. We can not offer cash back from card payments. Most bars now have electronic tills- don’t worry if you have no or limited experience with these as training will be given at the beginning of your shift.

Be aware of forged notes. Last year a substantial amount of forgeries were accepted. Please check every note with the ultra-violet pen and machine.

You are not permitted to give away any free drinks. The festival operates a token system which are exchanged for complimentary drinks. One token is worth one drink, or one measure and mixer. There will be a sample token on display behind every bar (be aware of similar looking food tokens and don’t accept them). When accepting a token as payment please remember to treat this as valuable currency, not just a token, register the transaction and leave it in the till.

Be aware of blaggers trying to get hold of free drinks without tokens – these people could be masquerading as the Event Directors, Artists or even the Bars Manager. Refuse them all and ask your manager for help if necessary. While we’re on about free things, please don’t give away cups or ice, this might appear tight, but in the past we have been unable to serve customers with what they want because we’ve run out of simple things like ice.


Glass bottles are not permitted in the public areas of the site; they can be used as a missile and don’t crush like cans so become a trip hazard when left lying around. No glass should be passed over the bar. Any products that come in glass bottles should be decanted into cups before handing over.

Cans must be opened before they’re handed to the customer.

House Keeping

Please keep your bar area tidy and remove all empty packaging and any drinks left on the bar. Use the appropriate recycling facilities out the back. Use the cleaning products available to keep things looking sparkly.

Keep up with the levels of stock in the bar, particularly at the end of your shift, it’s nice to hand the bar over in fine fettle. If you’re working the last shift of the day, you will need to ensure all stock is reloaded into the fridge van/trailer behind the bar at close. Ensure the fridge van/trailer is kept closed and locked at all times. Only lift/carry stock you’re comfortable lifting – please don’t strain yourself and ask for help if you need it. If you’re likely to have problems with lifting, carrying or steps please get in touch or let your bar manager know when you begin your shifts.

Please don’t open a bottle of spirits or mixers before checking if there are any already being used. We can only return stock to our supplier if it is in good unopened condition. This is particularly important on the Sunday.

You & Drinks

As mentioned before, you’re not permitted to drink (alcohol) behind the bars. If a customer offers to buy you a drink you must agree this with your manager and then take this at the end of your shift.

Upon completion of your shift, and if you’ve been good, you’ll be given a drinks token by your bar manager. This can be exchanged at any of the bars at your convenience. If you’re working the last shift on Sunday you can take a drink with you when you finish the shift.

Paying and Reclaiming your Deposit

In most circumstances we require a deposit of £230, before you’re given entry to the festival, to ensure you make it to your shifts and don’t just get carried away enjoying yourself.

£50 of this deposit needs to be paid in advance via the online payment form. We call this the ‘Rainy Day Deposit’ and it ensures our bar staff turn up to the festival to work, regardless of the weather. In the past people have decided not to even come to the festival when the forecast hasn’t been great and we’ve been left understaffed.

The remaining £180 must be paid, in cash, on site before you’re given your entry wristband. The full £230 deposit will be returned to you, in cash, on site upon completion of your shifts.