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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Please first check your email spam or promotions folder, then get in touch: bars@beatherder.co.uk

  2. We'll be sending these out via email approximately 2 weeks before the festival. Please check your junk/spam/promotions folder and if hasn't arrived by the 5th July get in touch: bars@beatherder.co.uk

  3. We usually deal with applications in batches and it might be that your friends have been dealt with in an earlier batch. Email us if it's been a while though; bars@beatherder.co.uk

  4. No! Well okay, it's not a no, it's a possibly. We'll do our best to accommodate specific requests like this, but it can't be guaranteed. It may be that you will be working on a different bar to your friend but at the same time/on the same shift, so you can still enjoy the rest of the festival together, or something along those lines.

    Best thing to do is leave a comment when completing the 'Final Bits' section of the application process and we'll do what we can.

  5. Applications are being accepted now! Priority will be given for those who've worked with us before.

  6. Yes, you can arrive and camp on the Thursday before the festival. Please don't arrive before then. The only campsite available on Thursday though is the crew camping, so you will not be able to camp in general camping if you arrive on Thursday.

  7. No, it's strictly against the rules. Please make sure you've read and can agree with all the general festival terms and conditions.

  8. Please email us with as much notice as possible: bars@beatherder.co.uk.